Preparing your Home for Sale

Preparing your Home for Viewings

Research has shown that buyers make there decision on a property within the first five minutes of a viewing, so first impressions really count.  Presentation is key and a clean, tidy and well ordered home may really help with a quick sale.

So where should you start? Check out our simple tips for preparing your home for a sale.

Decluttering and Deep Cleaning

Make sure your home is absolutely spot less. Arriving at a clutter free and clean home could not only help with the sale but it could also help boost the price. Consider getting your curtains and carpets (where necessary) professionally cleaned to really give off that “show home” look.

Decluttering has certainly become a buzzword over the past few years but it is one of our favourite tips. You don’t need to bin everything as you can easily put your items into storage until your home is sold. Decluttering will help you mentally prepare for moving home. Consider “depersonalising” your home too. It is a really powerful selling tip, allowing buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Popping family photos, souvenirs and collectibles into storage for the short term can really pay off.

First Impressions Really Count

With this in mind have a good look at the outside of your home or apartment. How does it compare to the neighbours? Mowing the lawn before a viewing, getting your communal hallway painted or planting some flowers might just make all the difference. If any of your rooms need a lick of paint, a door needs rehanging or a dripping taps needs fixing now is a time to hire in the experts and get all your rooms looking ship shape.

Define Each Room

Often a room has multiple uses. A spare room becomes the home gym or the dining room is the home office. When selling your home experts suggest you define each room and give it a role. Set the dining room up with a laid table and move the Pelaton out of the spare room, this will all help during the viewing process.

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