Household Removals Insurance

Unlike other removals companies we offer a specialised Removals and Storage Policy, also known as ‘Goods In Transit & Storage Insurance’. Many removals companies only insure their ‘liability’ for damage to your goods which only covers the remover and not the customer. Our policy ensures your belongings are completely protected at all times during the moving process and is underwritten by a specialist insurer.

Overseas Removals Insurance

Alongside our international removals service, we offer full removals and storage insurance and specialist Marine Transit Insurance. This type of insurance is specially designed to provide extensive cover for your belongings against the risks connected with international shipping and air freight.

We offer a range of international insurance options to exactly match your requirements and our cover is extensive so you can have peace of mind that your belongings are fully protected at all times during your relocation.

For more information on our comprehensive household or overseas insurance options give our expert team a call today.