Moving House Checklist

Moving house can be incredibly challenging for many people. In fact, it is considered one of life’s most stressful experiences, even if you are excited about the prospect of moving somewhere new. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time mover or an experienced one; the number of things you need to consider is extensive and often feels overwhelming. 

To help you plan for moving day and make the experience as stress-free as possible, we have put together an easy-to-follow moving house checklist. 

You may be thinking, “How difficult can it be?” but you’d be surprised how many seemingly small things are overlooked in the moving process. Whether it’s telling everyone about your new address or understanding how best to move your valuable items, good planning can minimise huge amounts of potential stress. 

4 Weeks Before Moving

It’s easy to think that one month is plenty of time to organise your move, but often you will find that life gets in the way. This is why our checklist is broken down week by week, so you can remain organised every step of the way. 

Four weeks before your move, here are the key things you need to do.

  • Complete a change of address form with the Post Office to re-direct your mail. 
  • Inform all postal subscription services of your address change.
  • Notify water, gas and electricity suppliers that you will be moving and let them know whether you will need the supply switched off or if you will be providing meter readings.
  • Consider any items that require specialist moving services and ensure you have a removal company with the appropriate skill set. At Edwards Removals, we offer moving services for valuable items, fine art removals, piano removals and so on. 
  • Arrange for utility connections at your new home.
  • Notify schools, churches and clubs of your upcoming move where relevant.

3 Weeks Before Moving

Three weeks prior to moving, it is time to think about pets, freezer organisation and insurance. 

  • Start to run down the contents of your freezer and kitchen cupboards.
  • Make a list of the contact names and phone numbers you will need when you move into your new home.
  • Consider your plants and pets and what you will do with them on moving day – if you’re unsure, talk to your movers. We are always happy to advise our clients on how to have the smoothest move possible. 
  • Transfer insurance to cover the contents of your new home.

2 Weeks Before Moving

Two weeks before the big move, you should consider your home maintenance services. If your new address is close enough, you might even be able to move these types of services to the new house instead of cancelling. Regardless, you’ll need to ensure you give your service providers sufficient notice. 

  • Discontinue or move regular services such as window cleaning, gardening, food deliveries or similar.
  • If applicable, arrange to have the satellite dish moved to the new property.
  • Inform friends and family of your new address.

1 Week Before Moving

We have reached the final stretch of planning. In the last week before you move, it’s all about tackling the remaining ‘bits and pieces’. Things that you can’t really do until the very last minute. 

  • Arrange to discontinue your telephone service and establish a phone service at your new home.
  • Drain fuel from lawnmowers and other garden equipment ready for transportation. 
  • Start to work through the contents of your fridge – you won’t want to be doing any major food shops in the week leading up to your move. Otherwise you risk ending up with waste. 

Moving Day Checklist

If you’ve been following this checklist since the start, you should be in a pretty good position when it comes to the day of your move. All your ‘admin’ should be done, leaving only your belongings and the journey to focus on. Whether you have the support of a removal company or you are tackling your move alone, the ideal moving day should be pretty free of stress – provided you’ve committed to proper planning! 

That being said, there are a few final things that we always recommend checking come moving day. 

  • Make sure plants are drained of excess water. There’s nothing worse than a plant-water leak in your car or moving van.
  • Label your keys ready for the new owners and arrange a collection point for the keys to your new property (if you don’t already have these).
  • Make sure to pack a separate box to keep with you containing any food and drinks you may need throughout the day. Top Tip: We also recommend keeping a kettle and tea bags handy so you can make yourself a cuppa when you arrive at your new property. 

Moving house is bound to be stressful, but there are things you can do to help limit the stress associated. By preparing yourself and your home as early as possible and following a clear checklist like the one provided here, you can ensure your move goes smoothly.

At Edwards Removals, we have decades of experience handling all types of moves, so if you have questions or concerns, we can help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your move or the services we provide.

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