The Best Areas To Live In London

In recent years, the number of people looking to move to the capital has risen exponentially. Whether you are already a Londoner and looking to relocate within the city or you’re coming from further afield, deciding where to move to can be challenging.

It is essential to have reliable support to help you navigate the transition. The expert team here at Edwards Removals is especially aware of this and is trained to support you every step of the way.

With you in mind, we have created an extensive list of the most sought-after areas to live in London, providing insights into the most beautiful locations the capital offers. We’ll present you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, whether you’re seeking a charming village atmosphere or a luxurious lifestyle.

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Hampstead is one of the most well-kept secrets of the capital. Many visit the Heath and its ponds without realising the gorgeous village neighbouring it. Tucked away in north London, away from the busy atmosphere of the city, this area is the perfect location to start a family.

Offering some of the best private schools in the capital while being a short commute away from the offices in the City, this is truly one of the best locations to experience the perfect work-life balance. The main street offers everything you need and more. Banks, restaurants, shops, markets and even the hospital are all close by.

St John’s Wood

Another tranquil neighbourhood in North London. You may not know the name of this area, but you will easily recognise its attractions: Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, Abbey Road Studios and Camden Market are all a short distance away. Predominantly a residential area, this is the perfect location for anyone wanting to live a peaceful life in the city. This is truly one of the safest neighbourhoods in London, you will never want to look back.

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If you are looking for a slightly busier atmosphere, Kensington is your best choice. Whether you want to live a low-profile life in ‘West Ken’ or you like to be in the centre of the action in ‘South Ken’, this area has everything you could want and more.

With Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens a stone’s throw away, you will have the best of nature and city living. Spend a relaxing afternoon at the Victoria and Albert Museum, or enjoy the award-winning dishes served in the infinite restaurants on the High Street.

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If you are truly looking to live a glamorous yet busy life, only Mayfair has more round-the-clock life than South Kensington. Still fairly close to Hyde Park while also being close to Oxford Street, it’s no wonder this location is becoming so highly sought after.

This is the perfect place for anyone interested in the most luxurious nightlife of the city. Living in Mayfair means having the most famous restaurants in the world at walking distance from you at all times, making it one of the most enviable areas of the capital.


Luxury, high fashion and sophisticated restaurants are what distinguish this desirable area of London. Although similar in atmosphere to Mayfair, in Belgravia, you get to live in an extremely private residential location while experiencing the sophisticated neighbouring areas of Chelsea and Knightsbridge. Whether you like to spend your weekends dining in high-end restaurants on King’s Road or shopping away in Harrods, Belgravia is the location for you.

Living in this area comes with extra benefits as well. This is one of the most well-connected areas in London, with access to many of the tube and train lines the capital has to offer.

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Notting Hill

Lastly, perhaps the most famous area on the list. Thanks to its name-sake film, this area has seen the most incredible growth since the early 2000s. Now famous for its Carnival and the Portobello Market, Notting Hill has a reputation for being a fashionable and affluent neighbourhood in West London.

Many celebrities and high-profile people have lived in the area, such as musician Jimi Hendrix, author George Orwell, and entrepreneur Richard Branson. It is also often chosen by dog owners for its convenient location next to Kensington Gardens.

Choosing the right area to live in London can be a challenging task, but one worth investing time and effort into. By researching local amenities, transport connections, and the experiences of others who have lived in the area, you can make an informed decision about where to settle down.

Whether you’re drawn to the village charm of Hampstead, the serenity of St. John’s Wood, the elegance of Kensington, the glamour of Mayfair, the exclusivity of Belgravia, or the bohemian vibe of Notting Hill, there’s a neighbourhood in London that’s perfect for you.

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