Transporting plants when moving home

Moving garden plants

If you are moving house in or around London and have large indoor pots or outdoor plants to move then Edwards Removals are on hand to help. Our plants can be as precious to us as our favourite piece of furniture so it is important that they are moved with the same care and expertise as any other household item.

Moving home with a beautiful array of plants is entirely possible but there are a few things to consider first as well as some important preparation. If you are moving plants from your garden then you will need to be transparent with your buyer about taking any established garden plants. They form part of the sales agreement so you must give the buyer written warning of what you are taking prior to the sale.


  • Autumn is generally an ideal time to move both outdoor plants as most will be dormant at this time.  
  • It is not advised to move established trees and shrubs. As a rule anything over five years old shouldn’t be moved.
  • Make sure you have watered the soil around the plant the day before you move.

On Move Day

  • We will gently tie the branches together and carefully dig around the plant allowing the root lots of space.
  • Our team will then lift the plant gently out with as much root ball intact, neatly cutting off the bigger roots. 
  • They will then place the plant in some damp sacking with good quality soil keeping the root covered at all times to avoid it drying out.
  • Your plant is then transported carefully in one of our cool dry vehicles – the perfect place for it!


  • Once you arrive at your new home it is important to replant quickly. It is best to dig a hole leaving an extra 30-60cm of space from the spread of the roots.
  • A good tip for replanting is to use the old soil mark on the stem of the plant to guide the new planting depth.
  • Some plants may need a stake to help them in their new position for up to two years after replanting.

Moving trees and shrubs can be very stressful so aftercare is key. It is important to keep them regularly watered and use fertiliser and fresh compost for at least a year after they have been moved.

For more information or to book a removal survey with one of our experienced team, call us today on 020 3124 1839