Case Study: The Society of Portrait Sculptors

Sculpting our way to success

Edwards has helped The Society of Portrait Sculptors, every year for over 20 years to showcase and judge valuable pieces of artwork. Working in our clean, specialist and dedicated warehouse and showcasing space, we were able to put on a real show.

Edwards has worked in partnership with The Society of Portrait Sculptors to establish and refine a seamless and approachable way to ensure the safety of all the artworks and also allow them to put on an excellent exhibition.

Specialist experience and expertise

The annual event, held at our North West London office has been the perfect location for SoPS over the years as we have the appropriate space but also the specialist experience to assist with all sizes and shapes of sculptures. SoPS were looking for a trusted partner who specialised in a white glove service, had specialist knowledge on handling art and valuable pieces and who appreciated and understood the culture of art.

The main challenges faced was the sheer planning and logistics of arranging specialist couriers and shipments of these sculptures, which were located globally. Edwards were also tasked to package and store the sculptures at all stages of the showcase- before, during and after.

A holistic approach

We are proud that SoPS trusted Edwards to help solve their logistical, packing and transport problems with a holistic approach to services. At Edwards we have a wealth of experience dealing with all kinds of high-value moves including extremely delicate items, such as fine art, antiques and pianos.

Edwards supplied a wealth of services as a trusted Partner to SoPS to make the judging a success. Our services have now become a routine service with our team learning and building from the experience of working with such a successful and formidable institution.

Each year, we provide over 75 crates, countless plinths and a team of specialist removals experts to sort, pack and transport the sculptures. This logistically is handled by our dedicated Edwards admin staff who look forward to undertaking this project in the summer, each year.

“Edwards staff are nothing but professional in their management of this process and provide all the help required, particularly during the long and often complicated judging day when they are needing to safely handle up to some 100 valuable works of art. The exhibition could not be the success it is without the considerable support provided by Edwards Removals.” Says Robert Hunt, Honorary Secretary, The Society of Portrait Sculptors.

For help and advice with the logistics and movement of high value items please do get in touch with Edwards today on 0845 430 8000