How to Pack 5 of the Most Awkwardly Shaped Items for Moving

If you love a big challenge, packing for a home move will be your best friend. But for most people, it is the worst part of any home move, and most people wisely choose to leave the packing to a home removal company. However, with a bit of knowledge, some of the most awkwardly shaped items can be packed safely and securely yourself, although it can be extremely time-consuming!

Long-Handled Garden Tools:

The best way to pack those awkward and long garden tools is to gather all your tools of similar length into bundles that are manageable to carry easily. If the tools have sharp edges or blades, have these face inwards towards each other to prevent any injuries. Secure the handles together in a tight bundle with tape or zip ties. Then, wrap the ‘working end’ in blankets, old towels, or bubble wrap. Wrap the protective material securely in tape to prevent it from slipping off.

Peloton Bikes:

Another awkwardly shaped household item that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the Peloton bike. These bikes are of the higher price point, as well as being on the larger and heavier side. Due to this, a Peloton requires careful, strategic and efficient planning for moving day. This is an item we want to ensure makes it to its new destination in one piece. With its unique design and size, it can be a challenge. One key thing to remember when getting ready to transport your Peloton bike from A to B is disassembling it correctly. When moving a stationary bike, our teams first disconnect the front monitor and export wrap it in high quality bubble wrap for optimum protection. Both the pedals are then removed with extra protection added around the thread to avoid any damage. The bike can then be wrapped up and moved to its new home or gymnasium. With ample padding, you can also prevent scratches, wear and tear and other unfortunate damage that may be caused by movement. As well as protective padding, ensure you select a sturdy crate or box to house the bike, fitting its larger dimensions for stability and security. Before handing over your items to movers, it is imperative that you label this box as fragile! This will ensure those handling this item do so with care and consideration.


Run your hands over the rug’s fibres to find out which way they run. This will help you get a tighter roll and will prevent the backing of the carpet from cracking or splitting. Lay acid-free paper across the entire face of the carpet (pile side). Do not use plastic sheets or bubble wrap, as this will make the rug sweat and can damage it! When rolling the rug, ensure the backing (back side) is outer-facing and fold the carpet in the direction of the pile. Then, take a corner of the rug and fold it to the centre of the rug. Do the same with the opposite side so that you have a rug folded into 3 layers. Fold the top and bottom of the carpet towards each other and then roll the carpet into a tight cylinder shape. Wrap the roll in acid-free paper and secure the roll with twine in the middle and at each end.

Chaise Longue:

If you own a chaise lounge, moving this from one home to your next will require more extensive planning than, say, your boxes, mattresses and other furniture. This is due to its delicate features, fabrics and slightly unusual shape. In many cases, disassembling your chaise lounge may not be an option; this is something some manufacturers implement into their designs; however, most do not. With this in mind, we need to protect the elongated, curved elements from potential damage while protecting the upholstery, too. Wrapping your chaise lounge in blankets and plastic will prevent tears, scratches and scuffs to the appearance whilst it is in transit. You should also take great care with the arms and legs of your piece, as these could be more fragile. Storing loose cushions, legs, and bolts, if they are removable, in plastic or cardboard boxes will also eliminate the risk of damage throughout the moving process.

Artificial Flowers:

Keep the flowers in their vase and use a box at least 10cm deeper than the arrangement but snug enough around the sides that the arrangement cannot move about. Pad the bottom of the box with at least 10cm of crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap. Now add more padding around the box walls so that you create a well for the vase to sit in, and gently lower the vase into the box so that the vase sits snugly in the crater you have created. The vase should not be able to move about within the box. Seal the box with tape and label it as ‘fragile’ ‘this way up.’

With in-depth planning, careful consideration and the utmost care, you can transport awkwardly shaped belongings from A to B with little to no concern. With the right packing materials, storage solutions and a trusted removal team, you can ensure your chaise lounges, peloton bikes, rugs, and fragile items arrive at your new home in the same condition they left the old one. Want to take the stress out of this process? Get in touch with Edwards Removals – we have the skills, experience, equipment and careful consideration to pack, transport and unload your delicate and awkwardly shaped items for you.

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