How to find a trustworthy storage facility?

Over more than three decades, Edwards Removals has provided hundreds of clients with secure storage support, so we understand exactly what is required from a facility. In this blog, we will offer some top tips on how to find a secure storage facility.


The first step to finding a secure storage facility is thorough research. This means looking at the different storage facilities in your area and comparing them. You can do this by searching online, checking their websites, and reading reviews from previous customers. We also recommend visiting the facilities in person. However, you may want to shortlist a few options before doing so.

During your research, you should have a list of your specific requirements. Are you storing items that need to be in a temperature-controlled environment? Do you require a single storage unit or multiple? These are the questions to consider when searching for your storage facility.

As well as your specific requirements, there are general qualities you should be looking for to ensure you are sourcing trustworthy facilities.

Solid Security

When searching for a storage facility, a top priority should be security. A trusted facility should have a range of security measures to protect your belongings.

Some standard security measures include security cameras, alarm systems, and secure access codes. Look for a storage facility with 24-hour surveillance and an on-site team to help manage the space.

You should also consider how your storage facility will handle an accident should damage or theft occur. It’s essential to discuss insurance options and whether this is something you’ll need to sort out yourself or if the facility provides it.

Storage Deliveries & Home Loading Services

Something many people may not consider when sourcing storage facilities is whether they must pack and deliver the items themselves or if the facility will do this.

Reputable storage companies usually provide these services and should also pack and seal your belongings in front of you. This approach provides numerous benefits, including increased security and peace of mind, as you can witness first-hand that your items are being handled and packed carefully. Additionally, having the company pack and seal your items in front of you allows for better accountability, ensuring that nothing is overlooked or misplaced during the process.

Clean, Dry & Quality Facilities

Before agreeing to a storage facility, it’s crucial to visit the facility in person and inspect it thoroughly. Look for signs of cleanliness, maintenance, and organisation. A secure storage facility will be clean, dry, well-maintained, and organised, with no signs of damage or neglect.

Remember, you may be leaving your personal belongings in these facilities for long periods, so you need to feel comfortable that there is no risk of damage from damp, dirt or anything else.

Simple & Straightforward Processes

Another key thing to consider when choosing your storage facility is the simplicity of the process. The last thing you want to feel when storing your personal belongings is confused by unnecessary complexities.

When you engage with a trustworthy storage company, everything should be straightforward. There shouldn’t be complex contracts. If there are, keep an eye out for hidden fees or restrictions, such as limited access hours or penalties for early termination. Your chosen facility should be transparent, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident about storing your items with them.

BAR Accreditations

Our final tip for finding a trustworthy storage facility is to look at the company’s accreditations. At Edwards Removals, we are members of the BAR (British Association of Removers), which means our storage solutions comply with the Trading Standards Institute to ensure the highest standard of service to our clients.

As part of their compliance with these standards, BAR-accredited companies and their facilities are subject to annual inspections, giving customers added peace of mind.

Finding the right storage facility requires time, patience, and research. As well as being aware of your specific storage requirements, we hope this blog has given some additional insight into what, more generally speaking, makes a reliable storage facility.

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